Honda Red Rider Training / Lessons

Popkum Motor Park offers 5 different options of training:

Option # 1 is Jr Red Rider Intro Training

Option # 2 is Red Rider Evolution (we supply bike and gear)

Option # 3 is Red Rider Evolution (you supply your own bike and gear)

Option # 4    is the MSF New Rider Course

Option # 5 is Group and Private Lessons

Incl. Trials Special and Dirt 101

Option # 6 is Certified ATV Training

Due to a Technical Glitch the Reservation Form is not Submitting, please either email us or call us to book your Lesson.

You must be at least 6 years old to take any of the Red Rider Training

Pre-registration is recommended, as classes can fill up quickly.  Your spot will ONLY be reserved for you if you have paid for it.  After you REGISTER ONLINE, someone will call you to confirm your registration and receive payment within 24 hours, so be sure to INCLUDE YOUR EMAIL AND PHONE NUMBER.  If you are not contacted within 24 hours please contact us by either phone or email. The 24 hour period is in effect Thursday to Monday, if submitted on Tuesday or Wednesday,  you should be contacted on Thursday.  Once we have received payment, we may send you a confirmation and let you know what to expect on the day.  Once you have registered, you can change the date of your lesson with 24 hours notice, only ONE time before you will be charged for the course. A minimum of 2 people is required to hold the lesson. Please note the Reservation Form will not submit correctly or at all if done on a iPhone, Mac or any type of tablet including iPad.

 Option # 1



Sunday Lessons 11:00am - 2:00pm

Please come at 10:30am to sign waivers and be sized for the appropriate bike.




TOTAL (tax inc.)

Red Riders Intro – Semi Automatic Bike Recommended age: 6yrs – 12yrs


Red Riders Intro – Clutch Bike 

Recommended age: 13yrs – Adult                           


*Please note: All participants must be able to ride a pedal bike to take these lessons.


  • 3 Hours Instruction: 1 hour dealing with safety, gear (and getting geared up), motorcycle basics; 2 hours on the bike.
  • Use Of Specifically Built Popkum Motor Parks Red Rider Training Compound
  • Use Of The Required Honda CRF
  • Use Of A Full Set Of Fox Protective Gear
  • A Honda Red Riders wrist band for park use for the lesson


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Arrive at 10:30 (all Red Rider lessons start at 11:00) and be greeted and checked-in by our office staff and Red Rider instructors.  This allows for signing waivers and getting sized for bikes, so lessons can begin on time.

Starting at 11:00, all riders will begin the lesson by learning about gear and safety and getting geared up and feeling like a pro! Fox Racing Canada provide riders with the latest protective gear available including: knee pads, elbow pads, motocross pants, motocross jersey, chest protector, motocross boots, motocross gloves and helmet. Atlas Brace Technologies supplies neck braces if desired and clear vision is courtesy of 100% goggles!

Once the students are geared up we head up to the practice area to learn about bike safety and the parts of the bike and mechanics of riding.  Safety is paramount and even before we start the engines, riders are physically pushed on the dirt bikes by one of our instructors and learn how to use the rear brake, steering, proper body positioning.  Then, for the last 2 hours, it’s practice time!

When students can ride proficiently in a straight line, it’s time to perform specific drills designed to develop essential skills for operating a motorcycle safely using various features of the Red Rider compound.  Riders are challenged with many drills and exercises to develop basic skills or improve existing skills and knowledge. Practice does make perfect and seat time is the best way to learn!

Please remember to bring your own refreshments and snacks. Breaks are provided throughout the lesson to enable students to refresh and recharge.

After a few hours of teaching and skill development students are riding, going over basic obstacles and our time is done! Everyone goes home with big smiles after a day with us!

Parents are encouraged to stay and watch in amazement! Take lots of pictures and enjoy the beauty of Popkum.


Option # 2

Option # 2 includes the bike and gear


Saturday Lessons 11:00pm - 2:00pm

Please come at 10:30am to sign waivers and be sized for the appropriate bike.

Popkum Motor Park’s Evolution rider training has been designed to build on the basic knowledge and skills learned in the Red Rider Intro course and further grow each student into a more competent and safe rider upon completion of all levels. Please Note: A minimum of 2 people is required to hold the lesson.

The course consists of 2 levels (level one: Skill Development and level two: Obstacles) Lesson details below.  *Additional levels being added.



TOTAL (tax inc.)

Red Riders Evolution–Semi Automatic


Red Riders Evolution – Clutch Bike 




  • Use Of Specifically Built Popkum Motor Parks Red Rider Training Compound
  • Use Of The Required Honda CRF
  • Use Of A Full Set Of Fox Protective Gear
  • A Honda Red Riders wrist band for park use for the lesson


Option # 3

Option # 3 requires you to supply your own bike and gear.

Popkum Motor Park Evolution Lessons

Popkum Motor Park’s Evolution training was designed to take students who have taken the red riders course and wish to pursue further training and take the next step in learning to ride. Evolution students learn through advanced riding techniques and drills designed to ingrain the essentials to operate a motorcycle safely in all types of terrain and in all conditions.



TOTAL (tax inc.)

Red Rider Evolution – lessons only

$75.00 - for 3 hr lesson, using your own bike and gear.



  • 3 hour lesson with one of our Certified Instructors
  • Use Of Specifically Built Popkum Motor Parks Red Rider Training Compound


Option 3, The Red Rider Evolution Course on your own bike, requires the purchase of a Day Ride pass and Membership at the park on the day of your lesson. We also require a minimum of 3 riders if using this option. The Honda Red Riders wrist band for park use for the lesson only comes with Honda bike rentals.

Every other Saturday

Skill development

Level 1

11:00 - 11:45

12:00 - 12:45

 1:00  - 1:45

Lesson 1

Lesson 2

Lesson 3

Body position



Every other Saturday


Level 2

11:00 - 11:45

12:00 - 12:45

 1:00  - 1:45

Lesson 1

Lesson 2

Lesson 3


Rocks and logs

Hills and Jumps


Option # 4

MSF New Rider Course

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation(MSF) is a US based, not-for-profit organization sponsored by the U.S. manufacturers and distributors of BRP, BMW, Ducati, Harley-Davidson, Honda, Kawasaki, KTM, Piaggio/Vespa, Suzuki, Triumph, Victory and Yamaha motorcycles.

BCORMA is Western Canada's only MSF DirtBike School certified trainer.  Our Dirt Bike School Coaches have years of experience and graduated from MSF's extensive trainer course.

MSF New Rider training is a practical introduction to off-highway motorcycling for new riders (6 years and up).  It is a fun, one-day, hands-on introduction to safe and responsible off-road motorcycle riding.

It’s a fun and safe way for youth and adults to get into the great sport of dirt biking.  Learn how to properly operate an off-road motorcycle, giving you skills to enjoy BC's incredible trails and vista's. BC has some of the greatest dirt biking in the world. Get the skills to get out there.

A small portion of the coaching occurs in a classroom style setting. The majority of time is spent coaching while students are riding within a closed course.

Course includes a Honda Bike and Instruction. Bring your own Safey Gear or you can rent it from us the day of your lesson.

You can also bring your own bike which gets you $40.00 off the cost of the course.

Gear Rental is $60.00 plus taxes for the day. A Damage Deposit of $200.00 is also needed to rent the gear.

Dates for 2017 will be posted on the BCORMA website under New Rider Training.

PLEASE NOTE: This option must be booked thru the BCORMA website. Link is below.


With our Bikes: $295.00

With own Bike: $255.00                                        

To register go to:



Option # 5

Group and Private  Lessons


Private Lessons - $75 / hour + GST (1 hour minimum)
Group of 2 to 5 - $40 each / hour + GST (2 hour minimum)
Group of 6 to 10 - $25 each/ hour + GST (2 hour minimum)

All private and group lessons also require a membership at the park ($15/month, or $30/year), and a day ride pass ($30/adults, $20/kids) unless you are also renting a bike.

The Trials Package - $250 for a 3 hour Trials Bike rental and a 1.5 hour lesson

In this one-on-one intro to Trials lesson, you will have a 3 hour Trials Bike rental, and half that time will be spent with instruction on the basics of trials, and the other half will be free time.  The lesson time will cover the basics of balance and clutch control, peg weight, and turning, as well as lifting the front wheel, and casing obstacles.  The second half of the rental will be free time, where you can try your new skills on obstacles in one of our trials areas or in the enduroX park.  You can also add another hour to this package for the private lesson rate of $75/hr.

Dirt 101 - $285 for a 3 hour bike rental and a 2 hour lesson

This one-on-one off road lesson is for riders who already have motorcycle basics.  Maybe you are coming from a road riding background, or you want to take up dual sport!  Maybe you used to ride dirt bikes when you were 16 and now you want to review the basics, learn the stuff you wish you knew the first time around.  Whether you are new to dirt or looking to refresh, you will be glad you took this course!!!  We will cover basics that will make you a more safe rider, more confident, and ready to tackle the off road world.  Topics are specific to you (as a one-on-one lesson), but can include braking on dirt, body positioning, standing, clutch control, obstacles (logs and rocks), hills, and more.


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Trials Lessons



Trials training is a program that is customized to the rider and his or her goals.  Trials training can benefit EVERYONE, in every discipline (MX, EnduroX, trial riders, etc.), newbies, experienced, men, women, and all ages.  Lessons are with Christy Richards - 10x North American Trials Champion.

  • Trials training for competition: becoming a better rider in sections and competitions, focusing on body position, precision, and obstacles.  Learn tricks for walking sections, choosing lines, and wheel placement.
  • Trials training for EnduroX: working on EnduroX skills and obstacles on trials bikes for choosing lines, building confidence, and working on fundamentals like throttle and clutch control and body positioning.
  • Trials training for cross training: working on trials skills like throttle and clutch control to use in MX and trail riding.  Becoming better at standing riding skills, picking lines and making decisions on the trail and track.
  • Trials training for women: working with women, both big bike riders and first timers, who want to try a bike that’s in their weight class (trials bikes are about 150lbs!).  Using skills that women excel at (balance, precision, and timing) to help them build confidence and excel at all types of motorcycle riding.  Instructor Christy Richards specializes in trials and off road lessons for women.
  • Trials training for kids: using the Oset trials bikes at Popkum Motor Park, kids will learn in the specially built trials compound, on electric bikes.  The Oset bikes are virtually silent, light, easy to ride, and FUN!  These skills will build slowly, working on precision courses (like mazes!), standing skills, slow speeds, and balance.

Head Instructor Bio:  Christy Williams – Junior Red Rider & Evolution - Trials

Christy Williams comes from a trials family… there are trials trophies from her great-great Grandfather in Ireland from 1917.  Personally, her first bike was a Yamaha TY80 at age 5.  But she was a fair weather rider, literally, only riding on nice days and refusing to ride over any obstacle that was large enough to require the use of her hands to climb over.  However, in 1998, the AMA (American Motorcycle Association) and the NATC (North American Trials Council) created a women’s class in the U.S. national series, and the bar was raised. 


  • 9 times NATC/AMA US Women’s Trials Champion (1999-2009)
  • first woman to compete in the Men’s Expert Support class (2007)
  • 4 time CMA Women’s Trials Champion (2000-2004)
  • 1 time CMA Advanced Champion (2011, competing against men)
  • Member of Canadian Trials des Nations team (2000-2008)
  • Competed in FIM Women’s World Trials Championship (2000-2008)
  • highest finish in an event: 5th place
  • highest finish in a season: 10th overall
  • Scottish Six Days Trial (2003 and 2006)


In 2009 Christy took her Trials bike to a new venue: the indoor EnduroX series.  Starting out in the Trials class on the big track, Christy came in 3rd in her class, and then 3rd in the dash-for-cash, making her the money to head to Vegas for the final round.  2010 and 2011 were spent trying to master riding “the big bikes”, and competing in the West Coast rounds of the EnduroX series.  Christy finished second in the Women’s Class in 2 races, while still competing and finding podium finishes on the trials bike.


In 2015 Christy came out of national trials retirement and headed south to compete in the Expert Support class in the NATC/AMA nationals.  With a second and third place in the first events, she went undefeated in the AMA Western Women’s National that followed.  After that she competed in the prestigious Ute Cup event (a 2-day, 80 mile event at 13,000ft in the Colorado Rockies), where she claimed 14th overall out of a field of 82 riders, top finish by a woman, top finish in Senior 35-40, and was part of the first place women’s team.  This successful part-season in 2015 earned her a place on the U.S. Honda Montesa trials team for 2016, where she will again compete in the US nationals.


Christy has a degree in Kinesiology (Sports Science), and uses her fitness knowledge to train for riding and applies science to the sport of trials when breaking down moves.  A back up degree in Education helps her when coaching and teaching skills.  She is excited to be breaking new ground at Popkum Motor Park by helping to develop the Red Rider Evolution lessons, helping to create the trials park, teaching trials, EnduroX, and trail riding.  She hopes that by working with Popkum that she can encourage more women to get involved in off road motorcycling.


Motocross Lessons




Beginning Motocross Training


In our Beginning Motocross Training course you will go over basic equipment review, basic bike set up (control position, suspension sag, suspension adjustment - rebound and damping), body position, basic braking, cornering (flat turns, bermed turns), track walk, basic jumping (small jumps, table tops), starts, and basic motorcycle maintenance.

Advanced Motocross Training

In our Advanced Motocross Training course you will go over suspension set up, control position review, and reading the race track, line choice. You will also learn advanced body positions, advanced braking techniques, advanced cornering techniques, advanced jumping, advanced obstacles, and starts. And to finish it off you learn about race craft - how to maximize your results!

Head Instructor Bio:  Joel Olson – Junior Red Rider & Evolution - MX

Motorcycles have been a part of Joel’s life for the last 40 years. He started riding at the age of six on a Honda Z50 Mini-Trail, and after a few years graduated to the Honda CT70 trail bike.  In 1980 he discovered the sport of motocross and began competing in CMA sanctioned races in his home province of Alberta. 

In his racing career, Joel progressed from competing in the Schoolboy beginner class up to the Expert/Pro level.  He took time off his racing career to attend the University of Alberta, graduating with a Bachelor of Education degree.  In late 1995 Joel moved to Maple Ridge BC, in pursuit of a career in Teaching.  Joel has worked as an Elementary Teacher since then and currently teaches in Pitt Meadows. 

Joel has combined his passion for Motocross and Education by working as a Motocross Instructor with Popkum Motor Park, for the last several years.  His area of expertise is in Basic Dirt riding technique, as well as Introduction to motocross.  Joel currently competes in selected races in the lower mainland and rides at Popkum Motor Park whenever he gets the chance.

Career Highlights

4th Place 1986 Alberta Provincial Championship 125 Junior

3rd Place 1992 Alberta Provincial Championship 125 Intermediate

3rd Place 1992 CMA National Ice Racing Championship 250 Intermediate

4th Place 1993 Alberta Provincial Championship 125 Expert

2nd Place 1993 Numb Bumb International 24hr Ice Racing World Championship

4th Place 1994 Alberta Provincial Championship 125 Expert

1st Place 1994 Numb Bumb International 24hr Ice Racing World Championship

Our other instructors include:






Option # 6

Email: to book your ATV training course.

Certified ATV Training


125.00 + GST ( You supply your own atv and safety gear)

195.00 + GST ( Honda ATV included with training, you supply your own safety gear)

240.00 + GST ( Honda ATV and safety gear included with training)


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Rider Training - The Canadian AQCC Safety Institute Program

The Canadian AQCC Safety Institute (CASI) - a division of the All-Terrain Quad Council of Canada (AQCC) - has joined forces with the ATV Safety Institute (ASI) and the Canadian Off-Highway Vehicle Distributors Council (COHV) to offer CASI’s new ATV RiderCourse.

The hands-on, half-day CASI ATV RiderCourse is conducted by licensed CASI Instructors. The course offers students an opportunity to increase their safety knowledge and to practice basic riding skills in a controlled environment under the direct supervision of a licensed Instructor.

Program highlights include:

  • Most current ATV safety program in Canada

  • Most hands-on ATV safety program available

  • Based on the well-recognized ATV Safety Institute (ASI) program

  • Program enhanced with input from Chief Instructors across Canada

  • Supported and endorsed by the Canadian Off-Highway Vehicle Distributors Council and through the Council – all ATV
  • major manufacturers

CASI Rider Training

Download the pamphlet

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